How do I know if I need an attorney?

The best attorneys work closely with you to help solve your problems. Thankfully, you can almost always do that on your own.

But when courts, contracts, or accidents are involved, a lawyer can help. If you’ve been sued, you of course should talk to one.

If you think an agreement has been violated, or you’ve been hurt—or someone is accusing you of doing those things—talk to a lawyer.

One simple rule of thumb: If you find yourself wondering whether you should talk to an attorney, you should.

When should I contact a civil attorney?

The earlier, the better. As soon as you sense a legal storm brewing, you should talk to an attorney. It’s much better to be prepared and protect yourself along the way than to try to fix things later.

What questions should I ask a potential attorney?

Talk to as many attorneys as you can. Most lawyers are happy to chat, so take them up on it.

When you do, ask them what you would any professional: how experienced they are in the subject matter, if there are any former clients you can talk to, and what is their approach to your type of case. Every attorney has his or her own style—and you want to make sure that style works for you.

How do I know if I’ve found the right attorney?

We are lucky to live in San Diego for (approximately) 3,824 reasons. One of those is that the vast proportion of the lawyers who live and work here are diligent and bright, and will give you great service.

But you know you’ve found the right one when you are confident and content that your lawyer is up to the task, and deeply invested in you and your goals.

How can Carll Law help me?

Carll Law is a one-person shop, operated by Curtis Carll. Curtis will be the person you speak to and work with every step of the way. He will know every detail of your case and how to best use those details to benefit you. He will stay in close contact, giving you frequent updates, and making sure that you are working as a team to reach your goal. He will fight vigorously and painstakingly for you for as long as it takes.